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July 5, 2023

Every business owner knows they have to be continuously selling their wares to be successful.   But if you don’t have a full-time marketing department, how do you keep the sales going?  Have you been successful with just grit and luck so far?  Are you currently spending marketing money without getting good results? Are you positive a radio campaign will get you the best ROI?  If you find it all overwhelming, RainMaker can help!  We have marketing strategists with over 20 years of professional strategic marketing planning who can work with you to define your roadmap for growth and success!

Our customized marketing strategies are robust 40-50 page documents that outline your objectives for the short and long term with detailed implementation  recommendations,  plans, forecasts and budgets.  Designed just for your unique growing business to thrive in this modern digital environment.

A marketing plan is a living document – an annual plan that details how you will attract and convince people to buy your product or service for the current year.  RainMaker will  perform in-depth research and uncover key insights that will determine your clear path to success.  A professional Marketing Plan will outline your annual marketing objectives (KPIs/OKRs) product, price, positioning, competitors and define your target market.  Within the strategy document, RainMaker will recommend  campaigns and a mix of tactics to get you the best results, including forecasts and the marketing budget needed to achieve your objectives.  Because your marketing plan is a living document, it needs to be checked periodically to make sure you are on-track to achieve your objectives like sales, conversions and ROI.  Revisiting your plan often will ensure you can pivot if there is a radical change in your business environment – like a recession.

The document is delivered to you, but we’re also happy to help with the implementation of tactics.

A Great Investment in Your Business

Purchasing a professional marketing plan  is a sound  investment in the success of  your business.   And this summer, we’re offering our annual marketing strategy work with a summer bonus.  Any strategy work booked before August 31st will come with 5  free hours of implementation work.   That’s a $500 value!.  Contact info@rainmakermarketing.ca today for your customized quote!

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