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April 4, 2023

Back in the 80’s, marketing was much simpler.  You placed your advertisement on tv, radio, billboards or newspaper/magazine and hoped for the best.  While those tactics can still be effective, marketing has become so much more complicated with the popularity of the internet.  Today, we have many more marketing options to choose from and it can be overwhelming if you don’t understand how to plan your marketing mix to get the results you want.  That’s where RainMaker Marketing can help!

Consumer Journeys

The first step in planning out your marketing, is to understand your customers and how they decide to buy.  RainMaker Marketing can show you how to define and map how your customers collect and digest information – different people or user sets have different journeys.  Take the example of buying tires.  A “car guy” will know what brand and size of tires he wants.  A “soccer mom” who is told she needs new tires will be overwhelmed and not know where to start.  They’ll both get there, but the “car guy” and the “soccer mom” will have distinctly different consumer journeys to buy their new tires.  It’s important to understand all the different consumer journeys for your product so you can implement tactics to help each consumer along the path-to-purchase.

Marketing Funnels

The next step is to choose tactics that will move your consumers through the marketing funnel.  Sounds and looks like a tornado, right?  Let RainMaker Marketing explain:

Top-of-Funnel:  In order for people to want to buy your product, they have to know it exists.  Top-of-funnel is the ‘wide casting of the net’ called brand awareness campaigns.  TV, Radio, Display Ads, Billboards and YouTube Ads are good examples of top-of-funnel awareness tactics that will teach people about your brand and products.  Introduce prospects to your brand benefits, qualities, lifestyle attributes and tone using top-of-funnel tactics.

Middle-of-Funnel:  Now that your potential consumers know about you, it’s a good time to engage them with your brand to get them thinking about buying.  Mid-funnel tactics like social media, email marketing, your website, SEM/SEO and promotions are good ways to entice the consumer to consider buying.

Bottom-of-Funnel:  Now’s the time to help your consumer convert from a prospect to a sale!  Use SEM performance marketing combined with detailed landing pages, cart abandonment emails, loyalty programs and promo codes to make sure you get the sale.  Post-purchase, it’s really important to have tactics in place like strong customer service and returns policies to reinforce to the consumer that they made the right decision buying your product.  Create loyalty!  And if they like you, they’ll tell their friends!

To keep your sales pipeline full, it’s important to manage your whole marketing funnel simultaneously as different people are in different sections of the funnel at any one time.  Sounds complicated?  Let RainMaker Marketing manage your journeys and funnels.  We’ll show you how to maximize your marketing budget and get the best possible marketing results.  Contact us today!

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