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April 4, 2023

Over the past ten years or so, many of our competitors started using overseas developers because of the drastic cost savings. But, you get what you pay for.  And while there are good developers on the other side of the world, RainMaker makes a point of only using Canadian talent.  Why?  For so many reasons!

Dirty & insecure Code!

Companies are getting hacked and their customer’s data is being sold on the dark web.  That can happen to anyone but one of the biggest culprits of getting hacked is weak security.  And one of the most common issues is dirty code.  Messy code that is:

  • Incorrect Syntax
  • No formatting
  • Unable to read due to lack of comments and subjective names in variables, functions, classes, etc…
  • Unnecessary and/or long chunks of code ( More likely due to code copy/paste from sites such as stackoverflow.com )
  • Insecure code due to using deprecated functions & classes
  • Lack of documentation.

Spelling  & Grammar Mistakes!

When English isn’t something you use everyday, why would you understand one of the most complicated languages in the world!  We’ve seen very basic spelling mistakes and incorrect use  of grammar on companies who we know use overseas web development companies.

And then there’s the terrifying thought of overseas developers trying to decipher French-Canadian french.

Style & Design Trends

Each country has its own style trends.  Viewers in Western Countries have a big expectation to see Western colours, imagery, user experience and trends.  RainMaker got sucked into the ‘overseas’ game once.  We asked an Indian-based developer to produce a website called “Brits-in-Canada”.  The design came back with an Indian colour-palette of oranges, burgundies and teal……not the red white and blue we were expecting.  The fonts were off and the User Experience was not fluid to the site’s business goals. While they were lovely people, we ended up having to art direct, asking for many more rounds of revisions that we expected.  If we would have used a local developer we would have got what we asked for the first time because a local talent would have known about the colours, fonts and user flow that Western countries expect.

Local Talent will know your business, competition and products

A local web designer and/or developer lives here so they know how to develop your website in a way that will sell you.  There’s accountability and ownership to you, their local client.  You’re not just a number – you’re a local business we want to see succeed!  Not to mention a local person is going to use your products and services and understands the quality, brand and services you offer relative to other competitors in your category.  A local web developer values your business and your relationship!

Keep your money working for the Local ecomony!

While it’s tempting to use an overseas developer who offers substantial cost savings, it can be more economical to use a web developer close by who can produce your website with great performance, design, usability and functionality the first time..  What’s more, keeping your money locally ensures that your own community stays healthy and stable.

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