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RainMaker Digital Marketing Agency Group was created with the mission to help small and medium GTHA-area businesses GROW - using modern and effective digital marketing strategies and tactics that get our clients leads, conversions and sales.

We’re a ‘digital-first’ marketing agency whose founders have a combined 40+ years of big advertising agency experience, working on some of Canada’s largest brands. Since 2017, RainMaker Digital Marketing Agency has been producing visually stunning, strategically architected and secure digital solutions because we’re a group of Canadian (we do not outsource overseas) web developers, digital strategists, digital copywriters and designers.

Partner with us for website and app development - and the all-important traffic drivers like social media marketing, search engine marketing (Google), email marketing and more.

Whether you’re a B2C, B2B or D2C business, RainMaker Digital Marketing Agency Group can make it rain so you can GROW!

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RainMaker digital Marketing advertising agency RainMaker digital Marketing advertising agency

Websites & Apps

Web Design & Development

Your website is your single most important marketing asset that has to appeal to your customers. It’s a living being that should evolve with your business.

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Website Maintenance & Security

Make sure hackers can’t impact your site or customer information. RainMaker has a full suite of website maintenance and security packages.

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App Development

Do you want to create an app to make it easier for your customers to connect with you on-the-go? RainMaker can help.

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Search Engine Optimization

Your customers are only seeing the first two or three companies in Google search results. RainMaker can help get - and keep you there.

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Search Engine Marketing

Search Marketing, Display, PreRoll, Programmatic & Performance. RainMaker can help you reach your customers. Be seen while they’re searching online.

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Social Media Marketing

Develop a relationship with your customers and prospects. RainMaker knows how to create strong community and engagement over social marketing channels.

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eMail Marketing

People who give you their email address are a gift. Let RainMaker build you a CASL compliant eMail Marketing program. If you get it right, it’s known for great ROI.

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Content Marketing

Blogs help you with your SEO. Videos add excitement to your marketing efforts. RainMaker knows how to keep your customers engaged with new and relevant content for your site.

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Traditional Advertising

Need a TV, radio or Print campaign? It’s not our core offering, but RainMaker staff come from big agencies and can produce that for you too.

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Branding & Logos

Let RainMaker help you create a brand identity for your company that resonates with your best prospects and existing customers.

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Marketing & Digital Strategy

RainMaker can give your marketing efforts an annual check-up and make recommendations that will help you meet your goals.

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Online Contests
& Loyalty Programs

Want a great way to build opt-in lists or keep customers coming back for more? Talk to us about contests and loyalty programs.

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Catherine Williams

Web maintainance & Cybersecurity

"RainMaker Digital Marketing Agency offers a high caliber of resources skilled in Microsoft Azure .NET, Amazon Web Services , mobile and Quality Assurance. They became our true business partners over the past three years."

Rupert Wood

Progressive Web App ( PWA )

"RainMaker Digital Marketing Agency powered us with a competent team to develop products for banking services. The team has been delivering results within budget and time, which is amazing."

Samantha Brown

Digital Marketting

"RainMaker Digital Marketing Agency is a highly skilled and uniquely capable firm with multitudes of talent on-board. We have collaborated on a number of diverse projects that have been a great success."


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