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June 22, 2023

You can’t go anywhere these days without the mention of ChatGPT.  We have to admit, its capabilities are pretty mind-blowing.  But, will ChatGPT and other AI technologies change the face of marketing?  The answer is YES it will revolutionize how we all CREATE. And it will also revolutionize the quality of the art of advertising.   RainMaker Marketing has some guidance/opinions on this emerging technology with respect to how it impacts your brand and messaging.

RainMaker Marketing truly values the Creative Process.  Advertising is part art and part science.  We love the work our Designers and Copywriters produce.  We hold the originality of their craft in very high regard – and we believe it takes a human to understand the psychology behind why other humans do what they do.  To get the elements of the design and the tone of the message correct.  Rainmaker Marketing does not cut corners.  We only use local talent.  We warranty our work.  We believe our clients are of the same mind – “Keep creating high-quality marketing that will achieve sales goals while building the brand and speaking relevance to prospects and customers at the same time.”

While it’s still early days in the ChatGPT front, we know there will be brands and agencies that choose to dabble in ChatGPT as a solution to create multiple marketing messages quickly and cheaply.   RainMaker strongly believes that using ChatGPT to create marketing will impact the quality of your marketing for the worse. As your brand steward, are you willing to risk those important brand experiences to a machine?

ChatGPT and Copywriting

It’s very cool to give ChatGPT a set of instructions and to watch it create a 400-word white paper about a technical subject in 30 seconds.  It’s definitely a tool to help with research (that should still be fact-checked and vetted for grammar, accuracy and plagiarism).  RainMaker has been playing with the technology for a few months and while it can generate results, we feel very strongly that the content, blogs and marketing copy created my machines still needs to be finessed by a human.  Because a big part of marketing is understanding human behaviour.  What will motivate a person to buy from you?  How does copy connect a person to a brand?  A machine doesn’t have emotions so it will never be able to do this exactly right.

ChatGPT might be able to write an essay-style blog but it doesn’t understand the little nuances that make humans react the way we do.  Tone, sarcasm, humour.  Even the scripts that Ryan Reynolds asked ChatGPT to write for him in his voice are sub-par.   In RainMaker’s opinion, only humans can create copy that will motivate other humans emotionally.

AI and Visual Design

We’ve all seen that Blue Jays ad that a TSN producer asked ChatGPT to create.  People’s arms were on backwards, they didn’t look human. It looked like a zombie apocalypse.  And the thing that stuck out to this author the most was the Blue Jays logo was wrong. Not even close to the Blue Jays logo of 40 years!  In fact, the ChatGPT-produced ad created about 4 or 5 different wrong logos on the uniforms and hats in the :30 ad.Rainmaker’s position on AI-generated Creative is it’s WAY too soon to ask AI to generate a commercial all by itself – if ever.

ChatGPT is designed to get the job done.  Assemble, not CREATE.  It doesn’t care about copyright infringement, talent fees, accuracy or detail or even all the slight nuances that make advertising great art.

Don’t Forsake Your Brand Image and Reputation

RainMaker will use ChatGPT but only as a TOOL.  To help with research, add chatbots to the sites we produce, help us to monitor social media.  But when it comes to actually creating meaningful and impactful ads we’ll keep using our designers, artists and copywriters.  Clients that are willing to forsake the art of their advertising/brand  over a ‘good enough’ mentality to get ads done cheap and fast – are not clients we want to work with..

For the time being, RainMaker will continue creating quality marketing the old-fashioned way.

If you need high-quality GPTFree Marketing Services, contact RainMaker Marketing!   We’re a modern full-service digital marketing agency located in the West GTA.  Contact us at info@rainmakermarketing.ca to schedule a chat about how we can help your business grow.

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